Autoimmunity is on the rise.

At present, one in six people suffers from one or more of the over 180 known conditions that we know are Autoimmune. It is very likely that many other chronic modern conditions like Cardio-Vascular Disease, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease will soon be classified as Autoimmune. Most clinicians are in agreement that most people with Depression, Anxiety and some forms of insomnia are inflammatory and Autoimmune.

Honestly, Autoimmunity is everywhere.

In this episode, Anthony Sanna goes on a deep dive with Dr. Michael Smith about the Autoimmune Spectrum. Michael has Crohn’s Disease and Anthony has had chronic food sensitivities so this podcast gets a bit personal. Dr. Smith has committed over 20 years of his career to researching and treating Autoimmune Disease.

If you like a good geek out and are looking for an experienced perspective on the severity, momentum and appropriate protocols for most Autoimmune Conditions.


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