Self Quantification is ‘All the Rage’ in the modern health space.

It is pretty cool that we can use a widget and a computer (or phone) to check in on our sleep patterns and things like Heart Rate Variability to monitor our health and ensure our progress with our health goals.

The 21st Century and all of the tech we can use is AMAZING!

But, what did people do before computers?

In this episode, Anthony Sanna talks with Dr. Michael Smith about some of the ‘Old Scool’ approaches to self-awareness and self-cultivation that come from ancient practices like Kung Fu, Qi Gong, and Mediation.

This one of the more subtle podcasts we have done, so we hope you enjoy all of the opportunities to go deeper into your experience of being a Being, living this Life and connecting with the people and other even more subtle influences in your life.

Some Terminology from this episode:

San Dao – the Three-Fold Path of Indigenous Daoism

  • Tian Dao – the Way of Heaven (Sky)
  • Di Dao – the Way of Earth (Soil)
  • Ren Dao– the Way of Beings and Relating

San Bao – the Three Treasures or ‘gift-puzzles’ of life.

  • Jing – Essence or ‘Mojo’
  • Qi – the Communication, Influence, and Circulation (sharing) of All Things
  • Shen – ‘what attention is doing’, or Spirit