In this episode, Anthony Sanna interviews Dr. Michael Smith about the 3 healthiest ways of eating on earth.

There are three distinct and potently healthy diets that have literally shaped us as a species. Before industrial society came into being, most of our ancestors were living as homesteaders. This way of eating was relatively nutrient dense and was inherently self-balancing with respect to the consumption of grains cooked in fat, dairy products and lacto-fermented foods.

Before the advent of agriculture, all of our ancestors were hunters, gatherers and/or scavengers. This “paleolithic” way of eating is profoundly nutrient dense and focuses on a diet of plants, protein and fat.

If you go back far enough into our evolutionary past, to discuss the diet of our early primate ancestors who were forced by severe Ice Ages to the ocean, near the equator, to subsist on a lot of fish, fowl, eggs, sea vegetables and plants. This profound change in diet and food gathering perfectly explains our evolution from primates to human beings.

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