Meditation is a bit of a Buzzword in the Health, Lifestyle and Mindset world.

One could even say that Meditation is an essential skill, that would enhance any and all of these endeavours.

This week Anthony Sanna digs into and surfs the Dao with Dr. Michael Smith about this ancient and powerful practice. You will learn about the nature of consciousness, the innate Masculine and Feminine styles of meditation, and get to fall down a few rabbit holes of the mind. Michael also gives an overview of his Online ‘Ten Weeks to Higher Consciousness’ program.


If you are looking for some guidance in this practice, check out Michael’s program here.

In Canada, we are just a few months away from Legal Access to Medical Cannabis. Which can potentially go in a lot of different ways. Both good and bad.

In this conversation, Anthony Sanna talks with Michael Smith about all things Weed. We get into the legal hurdles, the medical benefits and a lot of ways things could get pretty funny. Michael also shares what he sees is working the best so far.

Sit back, smoke ’em if you got ’em and enjoy another episode of Fusion Health Radio.