Functional Medicine is essentially Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Microscope and a time machine.

Say what…?

If you ask Dr. Michael Smith, that is the answer. It goes like this…

Both Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine aim to discern the root cause of a person’s condition. They are both focused on the interaction of all of the subtle and complex systems within the human body.

Chinese medicine has a VAST history and experience with diagnostic tools that have helped people for over 5000 years. Pretty cool!

Functional Medicine applies some VERY leading-edge lab testing and, what is called correlative questionnaires. That is where the time machine comes in. On average, leading-edge lab tests are between 7 and 10 years ahead of what most insurance companies will pay for. Especially in Canada.

In this episode, Anthony Sanna goes on a deep dive into all things Functional Medicine with Michael Smith. This conversation actually takes 2 episodes…


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