We all have an internal dialogue.

That voice that likes to rehearse conversations.

That voice that talks you into the best and worst decisions

That voice that convincingly ensures you that it is actually you…

What if that voice is actually made up a dozen or so voices that come from deep evolutionary instincts, social conditioning, the people you dislike and the people you want to be like.

That’s a lot of stuff to think about. Take a moment to talk to yourselves in your head for a bit…

Just kidding.

Waaaay back in the early 1970’s Hal and Sidra Stone (both Ph.Ds) developed a practice called Voice Dialoguing. Voice Dialoguing is a therapeutic and Psycho-Spiritual practice that involves deeply listening to how you talk to yourself, giving the main voices a name, and negotiating for a healthier internal world.

This week, Anthony Sanna and Dr. Michael Smith get into a rip-roaring conversation about, (and with) the most common voices in most peoples heads.

Listen, Learn, Laugh and get to know your inner selves.

Sept. 16 -2017

The following is about Opportunity.

Fusion Health Radio is Growing Up.

That means more and more people are finding the show. More and more comments, congratulations and questions are coming our way. And thanks for that. No, really, there are no words for how good positive feedback actually feels.


Three things. First, we could use an upgrade in our recording equipment and need to get back to a weekly episode. So, we are looking into a crowdfunding opportunity to help support the show. If you are a regular listener to the show, we hope you feel inspired to send a little love our way.

Second, if you are reading this and need some help, reach out and ask us to get into whatever you feel could help you. Or, contact Michael and his team for a personal consultation.

Third, Michael is a compulsive learn-oholic and teach-oholic and wants to offer you the chance to go even deeper into your journey of healing, inner peace, and self-awareness.

Below are links to the online courses that Michael is presently offering.

“These courses have helped me and my patients stay or move towards Health, Fitness, Success, and Happiness.” – Michael

Starting September 27th, 2017 – 10 Weeks to Abundant Health – You can join until Oct. 11


Starting October 16th, 2017 – 10 Weeks to Higher Consciousness with Applied Meditation


Starting October 25th, 2017 – Qi Gong Teacher Training Program (3-5 year, 500 hours of Qi Gong Training)


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